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What was once an ambitious Kickstarter project is now a full-fledged product. Ungrip works by sticking to the back of your phone and providing a leash for your finger to hold on to.

$12 from Ungrip

Native Union Night Cable

Native Union is taking device charging to the next level with its Night Cable, which features ultra-tough materials and a weighted knot to anchor this 3-meter Lightning cable in place.

$39.99 on AMAZON

Nomad Leather Battery Wallet

Hold on — a wallet for your phone? That’s because the Nomad Wallet has an integrated 2400mAh battery and charging cable to power up your phone on the go.

$115 on Amazon

Samsung R7

Ever wished for a powerful speaker that didn’t look like a boring box? Samsung’s R7 is the high-tech wireless speaker you’re looking for, and it shoots music in all angles.

$399.99 from Samsung

Nillkin PlayVox Wireless Speaker

Designed for the outdoors, Nillkin’s portable PlayVox Bluetooth speaker is tough, water resistant, and most of all, easy to pair with thanks to its 3.5mm audio port and NFC compatibility.

Moto 360 Sport

Now at a discounted price, the Moto 360 Sport is one of the hottest fitness-oriented smart watches around. It has a heart rate sensor, water resistance, and GPS.

$129.99 from Motorola


QBcam is a coin-sized water-resistant magnetic camera. Yet, despite its size, it can record Full HD videos and shoot 12-megapixel photos — even at night!

$29 on Indiegogo

BlitzWolf BW-S7 Smart USB Charger

If you always have several devices to charge, check out BlitzWolf’s five-port USB charger. It has a maximum output of 40 watts, and is even Quick Charge 3.0-compatible.

$23.99 on Banggood

Mighty Mug

Don’t you just hate losing your drink to an accidental spill? Mighty Mug has got you covered with a range of unspillable tumblers that’ll keep your beverages on the table.

$29.99 on AMAZON

Sony h.ear on Wireless NC

Available in a variety of stylish colors, Sony’s h.ear on headphones can handle high-resolution audio without the need for messy cables or tedious setups along the way.

$218 on Amazon

Philips Hue

Bring some color into your interiors with Philips Hue. A great way to begin is with the starter kit, which includes all the things you need to paint your room with light.

$199.99 on Amazon

SteelSeries Gaming Controllers

Any hardcore gamer understands the importance of a reliable controller. SteelSeries has your back with full-featured controllers built for the restless player.

$49.95 on Amazon

Western Digital My Passport

WD’s redesigned portable hard drives are beautiful pieces of tech. Gone are the dull designs of yore in favor of six hip colors and greater reliability than ever.

$59.99 on Amazon

Fossil Q Hybrid Smartwatch

Anyone on the lookout for a smartwatch that actually lasts months without skimping on essential features — such as fitness tracking and music control — must try out one of Fossil’s Q Hybrid Smartwatches.

$131 on Amazon

Marshall Compact Fridge

Love the look of Marshall amps but aren’t musically inclined enough to need one? This fridge from the same company has authentic fret cloth and a brass finish, plus it keeps your food cool!

$349.99 on Amazon

DJI Mavic Pro

Add an aerial perspective to your shots with the DJI Mavic Pro. It has built-in stabilization, can shoot 4K video, and lasts up to 27 minutes in the air.

$999.00 on Amazon

MiLi iData Storage Drives

Reaching capacities of up to 256GB, MiLi’s iData Air and Pro storage drives back up data on your Android or Apple devices, minus all the stressful setups.

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum

Manual vacuum cleaners are so 20th century. Xiaomi’s robot vacuum intelligently cleans up your floors while you wait — just download the app on your phone and command away!

$339.99 on GearBest