To put things into perspective: The C Seed 262 4K television has a display size of 6.65 meters or 21.8 feet. Crazy!

C Seed, which is a luxury (duh) electronics brand based in Austrian, is clearly out to just spit on whatever televisions we thought were the highest of ends. It’s so absurd, C Seed began the press release of its gigantic TV with this:

“Excellent news for the happy few whose living room is huge enough to accommodate a display with a world record diagonal of 262 inches.”

Talk about elitism!

The near-borderless display doesn’t make it clear, but the C Seed 262 was created in partnership with Porsche Design, which also worked on more affordable gadgets like the Huawei Mate 9 Porsche Design.

Seriously, you’ll need a massive living room or home theater (and a big enough door) to fit this monster in your house. Equally difficult to stomach is the price: EUR 490,000 or $549,000 — and that doesn’t even include the EUR 35,000 ($39,200) installation fee!

The cost is still sort of justified; it comes with 800 nits of brightness on a full LED panel and six integrated speakers for a surround sound setup. Oh, and you can press a button to cover the TV with a motorized fabric cover.

It’s already available “around the world” according to the official website, but good luck getting this 800kg (!) through customs.

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