Being cheap doesn’t mean getting the worst; you just have to be practical to get the best deals in town. You don’t even have to look too far, because your smartphone is just waiting for you to download these apps to get discounts and freebies.

We personally use these apps, so we’re a living testament to how great they are. From commuting to eating, watching movies, and staycations, we’ve got you covered!


When Uber was suspended in the Philippines, we turned to other ride-sharing and booking services. One of them was Angkas — a motorcycle passenger service. Riding on a motorcycle through major thoroughfares is not everyone’s cup of tea, but it gets us to our destinations faster! We also get discounts every week, ranging from PhP 20 to PhP 40 from user-exclusive promo codes. We use Angkas during rush hour traffic since it’s cheaper compared to Uber or Grab’s spiked-up rates.

Download: iOS / Android


You gotta love Booky for their amazing Buy One, Get One deals! The app started off as your go-to restaurant finder that works even when you’re offline. It then offered table reservations with discounts of up to PhP 500, and now, they have a wide selection of buy one, take one promos. You can get two Potato Corner jumbo fries for the price of one, and more!

Download: iOS / Android


If you love going to the cinemas, you should have GMovies on your phone. With this app, you get to check out current show times from popular movie theaters, join other movie buffs with their discussion, and most importantly, get rewards and discounts. You receive an initial PhP 100 off your first ticket purchase, and earn points which you can convert for a movie ticket. GMovies also gives out discount codes for new movie releases every week, plus surprise deals for movie festivals.

Download: iOS / Android

While there a lot of online hotel booking services, always give us the best deals in the Philippines. When trying a number of similar services, we always end up with since they have the cheapest prices. Not only that, you also get generous points (one point = one peso) every booking, plus seasonal discount codes that you can apply. You even get bonus points for providing an honest review and by being loyal to the service.

Download: iOS / Android

Zen Rooms

If you’re traveling abroad or even locally, you should check out Zen Rooms. We first discovered Zen Rooms when their service was limited to selected places, but now, they cover more Asian countries and Philippine cities like Cebu, Bohol, and Boracay, to name a few. While their quality-assured rooms are already cheap, you also get discount codes through their newsletters. Additionally, you can search for more Zen Room coupons online that you might have missed.

Download: iOS / Android

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