Android tablets have been around for years but, unlike the iPad, their existence is hampered by the lack of support from developers. Even though Google has released their own tablets, there aren’t that many Android apps that are truly optimized for big displays. While the popularity of tablets is falling, there are still good uses for it.

Here are five reasons why an Android tablet is still relevant today.

Great for Netflix and chill on the go

The use of a tablet revolves around its large display, and a big screen is best for watching videos. With streaming services available online and even offline, you can take your tablet with you for your quick movie (or series) fix wherever. A pair of quality speakers on the tablet is also a plus for sharing what’s on screen with a friend.

Immersive gaming

Some titles are best played on a big screen. Mobile games continue to give console-like features (may it be for visuals or gameplay), and the tiny screen of your smartphone won’t justify its quality. Multiplayer games are also best enjoyed on a tablet. Remember Gravity Guy?

Better internet browsing

Internet browsing on a tablet is a mixed experience; it draws the line between mobile and desktop web pages. As websites vary from different publications, having the middle ground is perfect. Text is more readable and browsing is as smooth as you’d expect from a mobile-optimized site like ours.

Great mobile office

We all know that editing a document on a smartphone is cumbersome. Aside from having limited features compared to its desktop counterparts, navigating through a presentation that needs revising just makes you squint. There are a number of mobile office software available on the Play Store; download what you like and continue working comfortably on your tablet.

Video conferencing

Tablets and smartphones have a lot in common, including a front camera. Video calling is not limited to one recipient anymore; as more users fit on your display, you’d need a bigger one. We use tablets to enjoy group chats when we miss each other’s company — you should, too!

Bonus: A large viewfinder

We already covered five, but we want to include one more.

When the iPad was given a mediocre rear shooter back in 2011, people couldn’t help but use their tablets as primary cameras. A hefty 10-inch slate became a point-and-shoot for them, despite the dull quality of the photos compared to a real pocket camera. We do understand why: The big display makes it easier to fit the subject into the frame and preview the shot right after.

It’s a good thing that tablets now have better cameras, but it’s still awkward. Just don’t.

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