Did you think this week’s Super Bowl was the biggest TV spectacle? Think again.

As the rest of the world fawned over the Super Bowl 50 half-time performance, over in China another spectacle was taking place.

China’s CCTV Spring Festival Gala is the most watched TV show on earth with over 700 million people tuning in each year. This year the event was held live from 5 different locations, but the highlight was this high-tech performance out of Guangzhou.

To ring in the Chinese New Year, a troupe of 540 dancing robots performed live in a synchronized display of Chinese artistry and technical knowhow. It was a performance reminiscent of the Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremonies, except this one was purely high tech.

While the robots displayed only limited movement, the scale of the performance was a sight to behold. The most impressive move, was when the entire troupe performed handstands followed by what could be best described as head spins – without the spin.

Accompanied by singer Sun Nan, the performance ended with a shower of confetti from 29 drones that lit up the Guangzhou skyline with neon lights.

Via Shanghaiist