I am, admittedly, an Apple fanatic. Like many, my iPhone has become an extension of my hand and because of all the things I accomplish with it, I honestly wouldn’t know what to do without it.

But, as much as I love being on my iPhone, there are still a bunch of phone features I didn’t know about. Well, until now. Here are some of those iPhone hacks that have become my go-to features:

Create text shortcuts for certain phrases (or emoticons)

Never have to type certain phrases again! The iPhone allows you to automatically replace certain text with programmed phrases.

How: Go to Settings -> General -> Keyboard -> Text Replacement and voila!

Make corrections on your calculator

You do not, I repeat, you do not have to start over every time you make a mistake on your iPhone calculator! A simple swipe deletes the last character typed in (without having to delete the whole equation!) and all is well in the world again.

Shake for every mistake!

A quick shake on your iPhone while typing will open a prompt — undo mistakes with a tap of a button!

Lock onto subjects with your camera

Tap and hold the camera screen to lock onto a certain subject on frame! This trick is will lock your photo settings down, even if you move the camera around.

Create gestures with AssistiveTouch!

Ah, the wonders of this virtual button! Triggering AssistiveTouch allows you to create custom gestures that are useful for a lot of things — including this cool hands-free Snapchat hack!

How: Go to General -> Accessibility -> AssistiveTouch then toggle the switch to turn it on. Tap New Gesture, tap and hold the middle of the screen until the blue bar at the bottom is filled up until the end, and save. Now, open Snapchat, tap the little gray button on screen (which is the AssistiveTouch), tap Custom, then tap the gesture you just saved. A circle will appear and all you need to do now is drag it over the Snapchat record button. Enjoy!

Create special signature vibrations

You can assign a custom vibration for each person on your contact list! Know who’s calling you even before looking at your phone.

How: Go to Contacts -> the name of contact -> Edit -> Ringtone -> Vibration -> Create New Vibration -> tap away!

When timer ends, stop playing

Your phone timer is not completely useless! You can use it to set your music to stop playing after a certain period of time. You can now rest easy as you sleep with your playlist on.

How: Go to Clock -> Timer -> When Timer Ends -> Stop Playing

Use earphones to take remote photos

Take photos without touching your phone by simply plugging in your earphones and using the volume buttons as a remote shutter!

You’re welcome.

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