If you think the Macbook Air is the only laptop that can look like it can cut a cake in half, think again. The Acer Swift laptops are so thin, you could stuff one in the cake itself and no one would notice.

A laptop slimmer than your wrist

Besides the initial wonder of what I could cut using the Swift 5, I thought of the many places I could hide it. Case in point: an envelope, a cereal box, a pillow — if you honestly left it on black tiles, you’d probably lose it. The Swift 5 is so thin, I could probably get it framed and hung, and people would think it was a printout.

And even then, it’s not the thinnest laptop Acer has to offer. Being second-tier to its Swift series, the Swift 5 sits below the ultra-thin Swift 7 — the world’s thinnest laptop at 10mm (0.4in).

But wait, there’s more…

After a long spiel of how pleasantly slim the Swift 5 is, portability isn’t everything it has going for it. The Swift 5 is powered by Intel’s new, seventh-generation Kaby Lake processor, has a high-quality 14-inch IPS display, and the latest MU-MIMO Wi-Fi. Plus, its 256GB SSD storage is more than you could ask for; its battery lasted around eight hours on regular use; and its audio is amazing from Dolby Audio software. With better connectivity options, top-quality audio, and a hefty processor, this laptop can be deceitful for its size.

Skip entering your password and try the fingerprint scanner

Signing in has been easy since Windows Hello was released. The fingerprint scanner for the Swift 5 is safely nestled on the upper-left side of the trackpad to avoid accidental sign-ins. The trackpad is smooth and responsive; you’ll have a bit of fun just playing around with different gestures.

This sexy gadget is backlit

Here’s something not a lot of people care about until they’re working late and everyone else is photosensitive. Although the backlight looks uneven, favoring the center, the keyboard is evenly spaced and the layout is fine. I’ve never enjoyed a backlit laptop like this before, so apologies if this not-so-interesting feature snuck its way as one of my favorite highlights.

More than just movies — play as well

The Swift 5 racks up pretty good visuals for its size. With a 14-inch LCD screen in Full HD resolution, the screen provides a crisp and clear display no matter which way it’s angled. Coming with 8GB of RAM, this laptop can play a reasonable amount of games with stable frame rates, such as Overwatch.

Is this your GadgetMatch?

I know by now, it’s getting old, but can I actually cut cake with it? Kidding aside, the build is great and the features live up to the numbers. Not to mention, all these features: the 14-inch Full HD display, SSD storage, seventh-generation processor, backlit keyboard, 8GB RAM, and long battery life are at a starting cost of $749. If you want a laptop that delivers quality design, sound, and portability without ripping your wallet with its premium counterparts, this one is for you.

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