Apple just announced a refresh for its 12-inch MacBook weeks before its developer conference in June, where it is expected to show off the latest operating system updates for all its devices. As expected, the second-generation model doesn’t bring any design overhauls, though it addresses two major issues many users raised with the original ultra-thin laptop: computing power and battery life.

To that end, the new MacBook steps up to an Intel Skylake processor that delivers improved graphics performance, in addition to featuring faster flash storage. According to Apple, the changes under the hood should translate to a 20 percent overall improvement in computing and battery consumption (10 hours of Web browsing compared to nine hours on the previous iteration).

Of course, there are holdovers from last year’s Macbook, including an 8GB RAM module and a single USB Type-C port that takes care of everything from charging to data transfers to external display support. Which can be a bummer because it forces you to buy accessories you otherwise wouldn’t get for other MacBook models or Windows-based machines.

2016 MacBook rose gold keyboard

Perhaps more importantly, the latest MacBook comes in Apple’s now-signature rose-gold finish (a.k.a. pink) besides gold, silver, and space gray. That alone could drive throngs of women to Apple’s retail locations. Not to mention it could spawn countless rose-gold notebooks running Windows 10.

Pricing for the MacBook remains the same as last year, with the 2016 model starting at $1,299 (P60,000) and going all the way to $1,599 (P74,000) for the version with a slightly faster processor. Apple will begin selling it in select markets this week.

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