It looks like breakable screens and sky-high repair prices aren’t the only things new iPhone X owners should worry about. The latest issue showing up is a glaring green line that runs across the phone’s OLED panel.

Although still relatively low in frequency, posts on Twitter, Reddit, and Apple’s official forums show that this isn’t an isolated case.

Here’s a prominent example of the problem:

And here’s another:

If this sounds familiar, that’s because Samsung experienced a similar defect with several Galaxy S7 Edge units since last year. Coincidentally, Samsung is the maker of the iPhone X’s OLED panels.

This clearly has something to do with the hardware, and it can’t be resolved with a simple software fix. It’s a shame, because spending over a thousand dollars for phone should entail the best possible quality.

Apple has yet to comment on this development, but has been accepting busted units to be replaced.

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