It’s a universal truth that iPhones are incredibly expensive to repair, but the new iPhone X is hitting another level.

Apple’s official service pricing for the US has been posted recently, and it reveals how much you’d spend to replace the screen of the latest iPhone, plus other possible damage expenses.

The newly updated page shows that repairing an iPhone X’s display will cost a record US$ 279. What falls under the “Other Damage” category is even larger, with a price of US$ 549.

However, these only apply if the issue isn’t covered by Apple’s standard warranty or the unit isn’t under the optional AppleCare+ extended warranty, which costs US$ 199. The latter may seem pricey at first, but considering the iPhone X’s value, owners should seriously look at the added safety net.

By having AppleCare+, iPhone X users would have a two-year warranty period, as well as lowered costs for accidental damages. With this, a screen repair would cost only US$ 29, and other damages would need US$ 99 to repair.

Many may scream at the possibility of additional costs on top of a US$ 999 phone, but the added premium makes sense. Samsung is the leader in OLED technology, and the sole provider of all iPhone X panels.

Despite the never-ending rivalry, Samsung has proven itself to be the go-to option for OLED panels — just look at what happened to the Pixel 2 and 2 XL.

Apple made the right decision here, and you can too if you own an iPhone X with the proper warranty plan.

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