If you’re planning on purchasing an Apple iPhone X, you might want to check out Smart’s offerings to get the new iPhone cheaper and with less worry.

Through Smart, you can get the iPhone X (64GB) for just PhP 3,199 per month. The total monthly payment includes Plan 1499 and a PhP 1,700 device fee. Inclusions of the postpaid plan are unlimited texts to all networks, 60 minutes of calls to all networks, and 9GB of data.

As for freebies, you get one month of Gadget Shield (device insurance) and interchangeable monthly apps of either YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Viber, Waze, or Instagram.

The iPhone X is also available through cash-out with the following iPhone Plans of Smart:

iPhone X (64GB) iPhone X (256GB)
iPhone Plan 599 PhP 54,500 PhP 64,000
iPhone Plan 799 PhP 53,000 PhP 62,000
iPhone Plan 999 PhP 48,500 PhP 57,500
iPhone Plan 1499 PhP 40,800 PhP 50,400
iPhone Plan 1999 PhP 36,000 PhP 45,600
iPhone Plan 2499 PhP 28,800 PhP 38,400
iPhone Plan 2999 PhP 24,000 PhP 33,600

Starting at Plan 1499, subscribers can avail themselves of the monthly device installment which will be charged to their postpaid bill. Smart also offers zero-percent credit card installment for all plans.

These plans are subject to a 24-month standard contract.

You can pre-order the iPhone X from Smart through their online store.

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