Apple just announced the iPhone X, a stunning bezel-less phone, but that’s not the only thing that was show-stopping in their keynote announcement. Other exciting bit of news comes in the form of high-tech emojis.

Introducing: Animojis!

Animojis are just like emojis


Except better, way better. How, you ask? They’re animated! And, they don’t just do any movement…

They’re animated by your own face!

The iPhone X’s facial recognition technology makes these cute characters mimic exactly what you do with your face!

This is a whole new level of expression

I’ve always used emojis (not words 😅) to fully express what I want to say and this just takes it a notch higher.

And you can share with all your friends!

The function lives on in iMessage which makes it easy for you to respond with these amazing emoji faces. And even better, you can record it with audio and save as a looping video!

A big question was asked at this Apple event: “What would humanity do when given access to the most advanced facial tracking technology? Now we have the answer. 

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