IPhones, as Apple fans — even the most zealous ones — will tell you, have the unfortunate reputation of having a short battery life. And while the new iPhone 7 should last at least an hour longer than its immediate predecessor, Apple still thinks users could use a bit of help getting through a full work day.


That help could come in the form of an external power supply or a third-party battery case, or this ugly iPhone 7 sleeve from Apple.

Yeah. The same company responsible for some of the sexiest products consumers could get their hands on made a silicone jacket that will make your phone look like it is pregnant with a baby iPhone. Or a tiny iPod.

This isn’t the first time it’s happened. Last year, Apple debuted a similar battery case — and got panned by the media for its design. This time, though, Apple has snuck in a thicker baby, er, battery that holds 26 percent more charge (2,365mAh from 1,877mAh in last year’s iPhone 6S case) and should be able to bring your dead iPhone 7 back to life with a bit of charge to spare.

Apple estimates the case and your phone can provide up to 22 hours of internet use on LTE. In other words, enough juice to satisfy even the most demanding of users.

The $99 case is already available in the Apple Store. IPhone 7 Plus owners will need to look elsewhere, though, but that’s probably a good thing.

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