ASUS ZenFone 3 Philippine release confirmed

ZenFone 3 with yet-to-be-announced Snapdragon 821 also confirmed by ASUS CEO

You’ve seen the ASUS ZenFone 3 phones and heard all the specs and features they have to offer. You’ve seen their jaw-dropping prices as well. But what about their release date for the Philippine market? We’ve got you covered on that front as well.

We sat down with ASUS CEO Jerry Shen at Computex 2016, and the man himself spilled the proverbial beans on when consumers across the archipelago will get their hands on the third-generation smartphones.

According to Shen, all three ZenFone 3 variants (the ones we wrote about previously) will be on offer, alongside a flagship ZenFone 3 Deluxe with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor — yes, a yet-to-be-released Snapdragon 821, which is all but guaranteed to be even more powerful than Qualcomm’s current king of the hill, the Snapdragon 820. They will arrive sometime in August.

Three updated ZenFone Max models are also expected to launch in the same month, perhaps globally. Like the rest of the phones in the ZenFone 3 range, the ZenFone Max refresh will have a metal body, but with visible antenna lines.

This story is developing. We’ll add more details as they become available.


ASUS CEO Jerry Shen


ASUS ZenFone 3 review

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  • Jackpot June 2, 2016  

    Still a long waiting time. An opportunity for other makers to steal prospective buyers with new and faster releases

  • Lindsay June 17, 2016  

    too long to wait!!! tsk tsk tsk!!! I better buy another phone then

  • Justin Castillo July 2, 2016  

    hi po! ung bagong asus max 2016 po irerealeased din po ba dito in philippines?

  • Carlo Montemayor July 17, 2016  

    Sold my Samsung S7 edge to get a Zenfone 3 but still can’t find one…just bought Zenfone Max temporarily while waiting and i am impressed with the features….i would probably not buy expensive Samsung cellphones anymore…