Is this the ultimate ZenFone, or just another dual-camera-touting wannabe?

That’s the question we try to answer in our hands-on video of ASUS’ latest smartphone, the ZenFone 3 Zoom. While it doesn’t have as many pioneering features as the simultaneously launched ZenFone AR, the zoomier phone we have here beats most ZenFones at their own game.

Let’s see: bigger battery than the ZenFone 3 Max, the most advanced camera setup on any ZenFone to date, and far more affordable than the ZenFone 3 Deluxe and Ultra. All these facts make us wonder if ASUS plans to ax its entire lineup in favor of the possibly superior ZenFone 3 Zoom.

What do you think? Watch the embedded video and help us figure out where the ZenFone 3 Zoom belongs in the grand scheme of things.

ASUS ZenFone 3 Zoom: Hands-on and sample photos