ASUS has shifted into high gear with its ZenFone 4 marketing push, but without revealing too many details about the mysterious phone. That’s ready to change, though, thanks to an actual date we can look forward to.

While there’s no mention of the ZenFone 4 in this invitation posted on ASUS’ Facebook page, the date does align with the expected launch of the next-generation handset.

Rumors peg the Asian launch of the ZenFone 4 to happen much sooner than for Europe, which is expected to happen in September.

Minus actual images of the new device, ASUS hasn’t been shy with promoting everything else about the ZenFone 4, including this teaser for its brand ambassador:

All we really have right now is confirmation of one major feature for the phone: a dual-camera setup similar to what we’ve seen on the ZenFone 3 Zoom.

Again, we have their social media channels to thank:

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ASUS releases official ZenFone 4 teasers