Anniversaries & Milestones

GadgetMatch celebrates its second anniversary this month.

While we started off as a YouTube Channel in September of 2014, it wasn’t till a year later in August of 2015 that we began our journey as a tech media company. Much has happened since but our mission remains the same — to match users with the right gadgets to fit their needs.

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And the best smartphone camera is…

Mirror, mirror on the wall, which smartphone takes the best photos of them all?

If you’re looking for the best camera smartphone money can buy, look no further. We’ve rounded up the best, currently available smartphones in the world today, took them on a road trip, took plenty of the same photos, and evaluated the results.

Here’s what we found…

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Graphic Designer

We’re looking for graphic designers and/or illustrators to join our creative team.

We believe a graphic artist is also a storyteller – and we’re looking for creative individuals who are able to tell stories visually.

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Meet our new Managing Editor

We’re happy to announce that Marvin Velasco is stepping up to the role of Managing Editor of starting January 2017. Marvin is no stranger to GadgetMatch and the tech scene in general. He joined us last August as Editor-at–Large and prior to that was Editor-In-Chief of Hardware Zone Philippines.

Marvin is Filipino-German with a Fine Arts and Information Design degree from the Ateneo de Manila University. He’s an avid traveler, surfing enthusiast and cat lover. We call him Mr. Write. 

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Holiday Scavenger Hunt: Acer Swift 3 Giveaway

And just like that we’re halfway through January 2017.

Over the last two and half months we’ve had the time of our life playing host to our first ever Holiday Scavenger Hunt.

What was initially intended as a once per week phone giveaway grew into so much more. In total we’ve given away over $5000 worth of prizes and this week’s prize is the icing on the cake.

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Holiday Scavenger Hunt: Vivo V5 Giveaway

Happy New Year everyone! 

One year ago, we launched expanding on our already growing communities on YouTube and Facebook. Whether you watch our videos on YouTube or Facebook or read articles on this website, or all of the above, we’re glad you’re part of our growing community.

Our Holiday Scavenger Hunt is our way of saying thank you! Over the last two months we’ve given away one smartphone each week, if you haven’t won anything yet this week we’re giving away two phones. 

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Holiday Scavenger Hunt: Moto Z Giveaway


The madness that was our massive Christmas Giveaway may be over but our annual Holiday Scavenger Hunt continues!

We’re now on our 6th week of smartphone giveaways and we have no intention of slowing down as we charge ahead into 2017.

If you’re new to this, welcome! Our Holiday Scavenger Hunt is a smartphone giveaway with a twist.

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Holiday Scavenger Hunt: Win a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge


It’s Week 5 of our annual Holiday Scavenger Hunt – two and a half months of giveaways and searching for clues tucked away in GadgetMatch articles, videos, and Instagram posts. 

This week we’re giving away our biggest prize yet. The stakes have been raised, the contest period extended, and more questions added to your weekly Mission Brief. 

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Holiday Scavenger Hunt: Win a Sony Xperia X


It’s week 3 of our annual Holiday Scavenger Hunt; our way of saying thank you to our super, awesome community. 

If you’re just joining us, we have one smartphone to give away each week, but to win you’re going to have to search for clues tucked away in articles, videos, and Instagram posts. 🙂

Everything you need to know is found in this week’s Mission Brief. This week’s prize is a Sony Xperia X.

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20 Things every Pokémon Trainer should know

It has only been a week since the official release of Pokémon Go – an augmented-reality smartphone game that lets you catch pokémon, or fantasy creatures of all shapes and sizes, in the real world – but its impact has been overwhelming.

While the global rollout has been slow, the game has already spawned countless memes, news reports, and crazed fans that congregate in the hundreds all in search of shiny new pokémon.

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Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End review

Heart-pumping, visually stimulating, and a masterclass of cinematic storytelling in video games. Those are just some of the words that we’d use to describe Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.

Indeed, protagonist Nathan Drake’s last adventure on the PlayStation 4 serves as a worthy punctuation mark to the Indiana Jones-inspired series, which sold over 28 million copies worldwide and helped put Sony’s console ahead of the Xbox One in the marketplace.

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Apple WWDC 2016: live blog

Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco kicks off in less than 24 hours. This year, the software show promises to be even more inclusive than ever before, as company executives take to stage with announcements about new features and changes coming to its four different platforms: OS X, iOS, watchOS, and tvOS.

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ASUS ZenFone 3 preview: Everything we think we know

Taiwan’s Computex 2016 trade show will run from May 31 to June 4, and one of its key moments will be the announcement of the ASUS ZenFone 3, which we’ve discussed on more than one occasion (see here and here, for example). A lot has been said about the phone, and yet ASUS has largely kept mum about its features and specs, leaving us to speculate what’s in store for us come May 30, when it makes its first appearance.

To that end, we’ve sifted through months’ of hearsay and published a video outlining everything we think we know about ASUS’ upcoming signature smartphone line.

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Google I/O 2016: Live Blog

In a few short hours, Google will unveil its latest innovations at its annual Google I/O developer conference.

And going by previous experience, we can expect to hear further details about Android N, which is still in its early preview stage, Project Ara (Google’s highly customizable smartphone), Project Aura (a redo of Google Glass), and other cool stuff the Mountain View-headquartered tech giant has been cooking up over the past months.

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LG G5 Unboxing

It’s not always that you can take apart something and end up with a better product, but that’s exactly the calling card of LG’s latest flagship, the G5.

Yup, you’re looking at the Lego equivalent of a smartphone, or at least the closest thing we have to a truly modular device that can be upgraded as easily as swapping out its components. Obviously, that future hasn’t fully arrived yet, but it’s good to see the Korean manufacturer actively pursuing it.

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Canon’s new EOS-M camera lens has integrated ring flash

The EF-M 28mm f/3.5 Macro IS STM is the first Canon macro lens for the EOS-M range of mirrorless cameras, but you don’t have to pay close attention to its name to appreciate how your macro shots and portraits can benefit from it. Because unlike other lenses of comparable focal length and aperture, this one includes two ring flashes built into the front of the lens.

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Asus Zenfone 2 Laser 5.5 S Unboxing & Giveaway

We’re always excited to hear about sub-$200 smartphones.

After all, just because you can’t afford the shiniest new phone being talking about, it shouldn’t mean you can’t get a good smartphone to match your needs.

In this particular price range however it gets tougher to find a phone that you’ll enjoy using.

But there are gems like Asus’ Zenfone 2 Laser. The phone has been around for almost a year now and it appears the company intends on keeping it around for a while longer.

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9.7-inch iPad Pro Unboxing

The new 9.7-inch iPad Pro is, in all fronts, the most impressive iPad ever built. It’s got a new A9X processor that Apple says is more powerful than most PCs, the camera of the iPhone 6S, which apart from offering better autofocus and low-light performance, can also shoot 4K video, and a new anti-reflective display with TrueTone technology that adapts color temperature based on its surroundings.

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You can now switch between multiple Instagram accounts on one phone

Managing multiple Instagram accounts from one smartphone?

The struggle is real, and we feel you. And apparently so does Instagram.

This week, the company is rolling out a new update allowing users to add up to 5 different accounts and making it possible to switch between profiles from within the app.

To get started make sure you update to version 7.15, available on both Android and iOS.

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Samsung, LG go head-to-head at MWC 2016

There’s no beating around the bush. Fierce Korean rivals Samsung and LG are gearing up for a head-to-head match at Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona later this month.

Both companies have already sent out invites to the launch events of their respective flagship smartphones, both happening on February 21st. LG has announced LG G5 Day at 2 pm, while Samsung is set to unveil the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge at 7 pm.

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TappLock: The world’s first smart padlock

It seems like everything is turning “smart” these days and that includes padlocks.

If you’re always misplacing the keys or fumbling to remember the combination to your padlock, then you probably need TappLock in your life. Just like on most high-end smartphones these days, this high-tech padlock can be unlocked with something unique to you – your fingerprints.

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The ideal candidate is someone who loves technology and appreciates how it plays a part in making life better. We’re looking for someone who can break down technical concepts and present them in fun, interesting, and relatable ways.

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We love to work with creative minds who are willing to learn new things, and ready to get to work, folks interested in technology, active on social media and with some experience in video production.

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PLDT Smart SME Nation’s Bozz Awards caps historic first run, announces first batch of winners

The digital search for the most creative, most innovative and most successful new breed of small to medium entrepreneurs (SMEs) has come to a close, and PLDT Smart SME Nation finally announced the highly anticipated first batch of winners for the first ever Bozz Awards. Bozz Awards is the first social media crowdsourcing search for the new generation of entrepreneurs who are harnessing digital tools to grow their businesses.

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