2017 is the year of borderless (or bezel-less) phones. We started with a couple devices early this year and now, nearly every major manufacturer has one.

With the holidays already upon us, we took the liberty to list down top-of-the-line phones with edge-to-edge displays so you don’t have to ask around. Take your pick!

Apple iPhone X

With all the hype the surrounding the newest and greatest iPhone to date, this one will be an easy choice especially if your old iPhone is due for an upgrade. There’s a lot of debate about the notch of the display on top, but you’ll have to see for yourself how immersive the iPhone X’s screen is.

It comes with the highest specs Apple can throw on mobile phones like dual cameras, Face ID, Animoji, and more! Of course, it comes at a price. This one is a hefty investment and it’s highly recommended to get a case for it because of the costly repairs.

Price: Starts at US$ 999

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Essential Phone PH-1

The Essential Phone is probably the least known device on the list, but that doesn’t mean it’s not good. It’s got a great design, build quality, and has a unique notch on top that as a cutout for the front camera. It runs Android in its purest form and to back everything up, the phone is made by the creator of Android.

The phone had a rough start, and ever since, it received massive price cuts making it a cheap yet powerful Android phone. You get all the flagship specs plus an immersive bezel-less display at a price of a midrange phone! That is if it’s available for purchase in your region.

Price: US$ 450

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Huawei Mate 10 Pro

Huawei recently launched their new Mate 10 series and the one on our list is the Pro variant. The Mate 10 Pro features a sleek design and undeniably one of the finest cameras on Android phones.

The focus on artificial intelligence with its built-in neural engine is also a great feature to have and, as far we know, it’s unique to this phone for now. Huawei is the top tech company in China that’s slowly dominating the world market, and the Mate 10 Pro is a testament to that.

Price: EUR 800

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LG V30

LG threw everything they’ve got on the V30, making it their best offering in 2017. The phone is a multimedia powerhouse which will definitely sell to content creators. With its f/1.6 camera lens, color-grading presets, Quad DAC, Hi-Fi recording, and ultra-wide angle shooter, it’s definitely a phone for cinematographers and the like.

On top of those, it’s got high-end specs like on other Android flagships. You’ll also be impressed by its water and dust resistance despite having a gorgeous and sleek body.

Price: US$ 800

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Looking for a phone catered towards productivity? The Galaxy Note 8 is no doubt a great choice thanks to its mighty S Pen. To make your mobile life more productive, it even has a so-called DeX Station that converts your phone into a desktop PC when connected to a monitor.

Coming from the ill-fated Galaxy Note 7, Samsung made sure the successor would be their best yet. It has dual rear cameras with optical image stabilization on both, an iris scanner, and the best-rated display on an Android phone. There are two versions in the market, one with a home-baked Exynos processor and another with a Snapdragon chip, but both perform on par with one another.

Price: US$ 950

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Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+

If you want the power of the Galaxy Note 8 minus the expensive price tag, the Galaxy S8+ is the way to go; if you want something more pocketable, the smaller Galaxy S8 is also available. Neither have dual rear cameras and the S Pen, though.

We see the Galaxy S8 devices as the go-to flagship Android phones for those looking to have the best set of features and a familiar software experience. You also get similar specs (including the beautiful Super AMOLED Infinity Display) at a cheaper price tag.

Price: US$ 725 / US$ 825

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Xiaomi Mi Mix 2

Finally, we have Xiaomi’s second bezel-less smartphone. The Mi Mix from 2016 made a buzz with its mostly borderless design. With the Mi Mix 2, it refined everything and made a device that’s friendlier to the common user.

The successor now has an 18:9 aspect ratio, top-grade Snapdragon 835 processor, and a whopping 256GB storage option. Its camera is also improved with 4-axis optical image stabilization. If you want premium, it has a full-ceramic version which is lovely to look at but also really fragile.

Price: EUR 500

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