Microsoft Edge can improve your PC’s battery life by 70 percent

I think you’ll agree with me when I say the tech in our devices today is off-the-charts good, though battery life continues to be a pain point for most consumers. There are ways to get more out of your gear, of course, and Microsoft reckons you can increase your computer’s or tablet’s usage time by up to 70 percent using its default web browser for Windows 10. (To be clear, we’re referring to Microsoft Edge, not Internet Explorer.)

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Water-cooled ROG GX800 is ASUS’ latest mobile gaming behemoth

Just as you thought water-cooling in a gaming notebook was overkill with last year’s ROG GX700, ASUS has upped the ante once again with its successor, the ROG GX800. Built with the same monstrous cooling system, the latest gaming laptop is now equipped with Intel’s most powerful Core i7 mobile processor and a pair of graphics cards that work together.

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Microsoft to unveil Lumia 950, 950XL and Surface Pro 4

This year’s arrival of Windows 10 brings with it a great promise, a universal operating system that will run across all devices in the Windows ecosystem, plus every other device that Microsoft builds.

Theoretically one operating system means a seamless computing experience across devices, and one shared app store.

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Spotlight: ZenBook UX305

What makes an ultrabook? Power, performance, ultra portability. This is the Asus Zenbook UX305 in the spotlight.

The UX305 isn’t your usual ultrabook. It’s a new kind of laptop. A new breed for those who value portability over power. Measuring 12mm at its thinnest point, the Zenbook UX305 has great size for a device that needs to go, everywhere you do.