Internet plans for businesses are different from the typical home broadband plans that are readily available at low prices. Converge ICT, the next top dog in fixed broadband solutions, launched their latest fiber internet offering for the business sector.

Converge FAST runs on a pure fiber network which helps optimize businesses needing high-bandwidth and low-latency connectivity.

It comes with a burstable bandwidth from 2Mbps up to 20Mbps and with support for Point-to-Point, as well as a Point-to-Multi-point setup which is ideal for businesses with a multi-branch network. Also, an in-house installation and repair team will be ready to respond alongside 24/7 tech support through the Converge Service Desk.

What separates the new plans from other offers is the competitive pricing against the competition. The monthly service fees for the FAST plans are PhP 2,500 for 2Mbps, PhP 3,500 for 5Mbps, PhP 4,000 for 10Mbps, and PhP 6,000 for 20Mbps.

Converge FAST mainly targets banks, retail stores, distribution companies, food and beverage, information technology, government, transportation, and logistics.

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