Drone assists in 2017 NBA All-Star Dunk Contest

Drones can do a lot, from capturing breathtaking bird’s eye view videos, tracking your movement, and taking your selfies, to delivering what you shopped for online straight to your doorstep.

And after appearing in Super Bowl LI for Lady Gaga’s halftime show, Intel’s Hexacopter shows up in another sports stage.

This particular drone powered by Intel took its talents to the hardcourt to deliver a bounce pass to NBA high-flyer Aaron Gordon at the 2017 NBA All-Star Dunk Contest.

In the video, the Hexacopter takes off from midcourt and hovers right around the area where the rim is before dropping a bounce pass for Gordon, who catches the ball, goes between his legs, then throws it down with force.

It’s quite a sight.

Gordon, who currently plays for the Orlando Magic, grew up in Silicon Valley and says he’s always been tech-oriented. He wanted to bring a little bit of that tech savvy inside the basketball court.

A video on Intel’s YouTube channel showed the young NBA athlete practicing the drone dunk. He later on said, “I don’t even think it matters what dunk that I do. The fact that a drone is flying around [with] a basketball giving alley-oops is something that’s special in its own.”

The 2016 Dunk Contest runner-up may have needed a few more practices though, as he needed four tries before completing the dunk during the actual competition. He unfortunately didn’t advance to the second round of the NBA All-Star Event.

Nice try, Air Gordon. Nice try.

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