Remember Essential? The startup lead by Android founder Andy Rubin? They announced their own smartphone called the Essential Phone (or simply “Phone” if we’re to remove the brand) last May and it’s already experiencing shipment delays. Now, there’s another problem: They just lost one of their top executives.

The Essential Phone

As reported by Business Insider, Brian Wallace, Essential’s Vice President of marketing, has left the company. He’s now the Chief Marketing Officer of, a company founded by (the artist from Black Eyed Peas). Wallace isn’t the first to leave Essential; Andy Fouché, who is listed as the company’s head of communications, also left before Wallace, as confirmed by Business Insider.

Brian Wallace’s profile on Essential’s website

This doesn’t look good for Essential. They have yet to release retail units of the Essential Phone which is priced at US$ 700 unlocked. Pretty expensive for a new brand, but they seem to be confident about it. Not only that, the phone isn’t their sole product, as it comes with modular accessories like a 360-degree camera. The company also announced a smart hub for connected appliances called Home that’s yet to be seen in person.

What’s next for the company? We don’t know, yet. Essential is being tested by the industry and we’re very much interested to see how this will play out. We’re trying our best to secure an Essential Phone if ever it gets released. The 30-day period from the initial announcement is already overdue.

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