On March 17, Facebook secretly rolled out Messenger Madness, named after one of the most popular annual sporting events in the United States – March Madness. It’s a hidden virtual basketball game inside the Messenger app. Activating the game is simple: use the basketball emoji in any Messenger conversation and tap on it afterwards.

Several virtual layups and dunks later, Facebook said the Philippines tops the list of countries with the most Messenger Madness sessions in the world.

View the full infographic to see who else in the world ranked in the top 10:

The virtual basketball game has been played nearly 700 million times and took place in as much as 61 million different conversations on Messenger. Around 57% of all sessions had high scores between 1 and 10 points and only 1% got to 31 points or more.

It’s worth noting that every 10 points increases the game’s difficulty. Once the user reaches 10 points, the rim starts to move sideways, after 20 points it moves even faster, lowering the user’s chances at scoring. A missed shot would also reset the score back to zero.

The high score in each conversation is shown on the upper right side of the screen. No award is given to the high scorer of each conversation though, but he/she earns bragging rights.

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