Do you remember writing on slum books back in grade school? Answering quirky questions like “Who’s your celebrity crush” was all the craze when we were kids. Facebook wants to bring that wacky trend back from the grave.

Spotted in the wild just recently, Facebook quietly launched a new feature to pick out what’s really on your mind. Labelled as “Did You Know,” the feature asks you a random question that you may answer and post as your status.

Users can access the feature by going through the “Make Post” panel at the top of your feed. Underneath, where all the different posting options are, you can find “Answer a Question.” Clicking on it opens a panel that selects a random question from a set made by Facebook. You can also cycle through other questions if you don’t like answering one.

Your Facebook profile archives all your answered questions under “Did You Know” on your page. Likewise, you can view your friends’ answered questions on their own pages.

Currently, these questions range from the trivial to the downright weird. Through a quick cycle, Facebook asked me what’s the longest I’ve been without sleep and what the most memorable costume I’ve worn is.

The feature is a callback to those times when we’ve struggled to reveal our class crushes in our classmate’s slum books. It’s an active attempt by Facebook to spruce up our profiles from all the political hullaballoo and cat videos littered throughout the social network.

It’s hard to predict whether the feature will be a huge hit or even a permanent mainstay on the site. Facebook is also keeping mum whether it’s a precursor to other features.

One thing’s for sure: exercise caution whenever you share anything on Facebook. Who knows how hackers can blackmail you with your favorite Halloween costume.

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