We all know how Facebook likes to snoop in on our lives through their social network. With more users signing up every day to join their platform, Facebook wants to create something new.

Facebook is already into making hardware with Oculus for virtual reality, so the venture into making another consumer product is not entirely new to the company. According to a report from Bloomberg, the social networking company is working on a video calling device with a wide-angle camera, microphone, speakers, and a touchscreen display of up to 15 inches.

Bloomberg‘s sources say that Facebook’s own video calling machine might run Android and could be relatively affordable at just a hundred US dollars. If you’d ask us, it looks like Facebook is cooking up something like Amazon’s Echo Show.

Facebook’s F8 conference is happening soon and, most likely, we’ll be seeing this mystery device on stage along with Mr. Zuckerberg on that day. It’s interesting to know what Facebook wants to achieve with this product, but we’ll not get ahead of ourselves.

Do you want Zuckerberg to place a video camera in your house?

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