Nintendo’s palm-sized throwback consoles are incredibly hard to come by right now, but thanks to some crafty digging — and lots of impatience — both are in our hands for a full unboxing video with gameplay footage.

Get ready for loads of nostalgia-fueled looks at the miniature Famicom and NES, from their classic boxes to the bundled games we can’t get enough of.

You’ll be surprised by how tiny these consoles truly are, and how far Nintendo has gone to preserve the authenticity (and difficulty) of its timeless titles.

Whether you grew up with them or are only old enough to experience them now, we hope you all enjoy watching the embedded video as much as we loved playing around with the consoles.

If you’d like to learn more about the compact Famicom, we have its full list of pre-installed games and a bunch of photos for size comparisons.

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