You’ve probably heard all this before, but it doesn’t hurt to go through everything once again.

We’re talking about GadgetMatch’s 2016 Holiday Gift Guide, and all the gadgets we’re giving away this week until early January 2017.

We’d like to remind everyone to join, join, join our contests for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and several of the goodies found in our Holiday Gift Guide.

We mean it when we say there’s a lot at stake — a little over $1,500 in total prizes to be precise, and that doesn’t even include Samsung’s flagship smartphone yet!

If you need more convincing, watch the embedded video to get a glimpse of the items we have waiting for you. For all you know, one of them could be delivered to your home in time for the festivities.

All the important details are found in our page dedicated to the Holiday Scavenger Hunt. There you’ll learn more about the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and gizmos we’ll be giving away on December 23.

That means there are only five days left before we announce the winners. Hurry!

Join the GadgetMatch Holiday Scavenger Hunt 2016