Good news: You can now access Google’s powerful Assistant service on your iPhone. Bad news: It’s not nearly as powerful as the Siri software you already have.

Announced at Google I/O earlier today, Google Assistant can be downloaded as an app on Apple’s App Store. As you’d expect, since this is going to be within the iPhone’s closed ecosystem, there will be restrictions.

For one, you can’t replace the physical Home button’s quick access to Siri with Assistant. On top of that, it’s not possible to voice-activate it using the usual “Okay, Google” command. Sounds highly restrictive and essentially defeats the purpose of having a handy AI at your disposal, but we might get more functionality in the future.

For now, just enjoy the fact that there’s an alternative to Siri for the first time since its introduction on iOS. Anyone switching from Android to an iPhone will probably have a more seamless transition, as well.

Would you make the switch?

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