Niantic Labs made our dream of becoming a Pokémon trainer with Pokémon Go a reality by incorporating real-world maps and augmented reality. For their next release, the company is tapping into the wizarding world of Harry Potter.

The company announced a new game entitled Harry Potter: Wizards Unite that’s currently under development. Us muggles will now be able to turn ourselves into real-life wizards soon. The game will be co-developed by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and WB Games San Francisco’s development team.

According to Niantic, the AR game will take advantage of their platform while adding new technology and gameplay mechanics.

Pokémon Go gameplay

Exact details about the game are still scarce, but speculations are already up. We can expect the game to be much like Ingress and Pokémon Go wherein our smartphones play a big role and Earth is the map. Players could take on the roles of wizards to learn spells and battle other players in real-world locations.

We do hope that “Avada Kedavra” will not be part of the game, or at least in the beginning.

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