The new iPhone 8 and 8 Plus have recently been announced and great news: Most of those iPhone 7 and 7 Plus cases will still fit the new iPhones!

In celebration of this fact (and, well, because I love my phone cases), I’ve decided to round up a bunch of cool cases that will fit your different moods.

In case you’re feeling gray, but not drab

iPhone 8 case flatlay gray

This Incipio Octane case has a frosted back and rubberized gray edges that serve as extra protection for drops.

When you’re feeling a little cute and cheeky

iPhone 8 case flatlay pink

Pretty in pink! This Momax Matt Metallic case gives your phone an added layer of protection. It comes with a pink bendable stand for optimum phone handling that doubles as a cable clip.

If you’re feeling a little rugged

iPhone 8 case flatlay rugged

This Urban Armor Gear (UAG) case from their Plasma Series is as hardcore as it looks. Give your phone extra protection to fit your fast-paced activities.

For when you’re looking dapper

iPhone 8 case flatlay blue suit

Textures play a big part in this phone case’s look. This denim Native Union CLIC 360° case is a show-stopper.

When you’re feeling classy

iPhone 8 case flatlay

This Presidio CLEAR Speck case is so simple, it’s almost as if it isn’t there. It offers added protection for your iPhone while keeping its original look.

For when you’re feeling earthly and zen

iPhone 8 case flatlay brown

These Native Union CLIC Wooden cases are pretty and unique. A touch of nature gives it a simple and sleek look.

All cases are available at Digital Walker.

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