A leaked image of Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S8 Active entered the interwebs, and it looks strikingly similar to the LG G6.

Here they are side by side:

And for kicks, I removed the wallpaper of the G6:

Can you even tell which phone is which at first glance?

Gone are the curved bezels of the original Galaxy S8 in favor of a flat and more durable layout, just like the rugged Galaxy S7 Active that came before it. The Active series, as you may or may not know, adds shock resistance and a larger battery on top of Samsung’s usual water and dust resistance.

Making Samsung’s flagships rugged usually leads to less fancy-looking phones, and this case is no different. The funny thing is we got a G6 clone in the process this time, which references those reviews that said the LG flagship looks like a “reference design” or “first draft” of the Galaxy S8.

Watch Michael “MrMobile” Fisher mention it here:

No matter how you look at it, the Galaxy S8 Active is sorely needed. The original Galaxy S8 hasn’t been doing well in durability tests, and a military-grade version would work wonders.

Sadly, like past Active variants, the newest model will be exclusive to AT&T subscribers in the US. No launch date has been set yet, but do expect it in the next two months.

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