2017 is truly becoming the year of virtual and augmented reality, and Lenovo is presenting its own take on consumer AR with the New Glass C200.

Combining AR and AI (artificial intelligence) into a monocular smart glass system, the C200 can scan real-life objects in order to quickly access information and share it with colleagues. If this looks strange to you, you’re not alone.

Lenovo New Glass C200

Lenovo New Glass C200

Had it been an all-in-one product, the C200 would be a lot sleeker, but we’ll have to deal with two primary parts for now: a glass unit that’ll attach to your head, and a pocket unit that fits in your… pocket.

The headpiece is actually quite light, weighing only 60 grams and covering a single eye. Once worn, information will be displayed on top of your surroundings with the help of its Linux operating system. It can then provide step-by-step instructions to fix things in cooperation with remote co-workers.

As of now, it’s limited to scanning around 20 types of objects, including building schematics and similar items that can be labeled using boxes and annotations. The AI is smart enough to combine data from the camera, sensors, and the user’s usage history for real-time info. Commands can be made through voice, gestures, and buttons on the units.

Lenovo New Glass C200

TiTan software for editing AR content

Doesn’t sound too user-friendly, but it’ll help users design their homes and make improvements without needless rearranging of furniture.

Before you can begin anything, however, you have to connect the headset to the pocket unit, and the pocket unit to your smartphone (no compatibility has been mentioned yet), which also needs the New Glass app installed. This will provide LTE connectivity to the glass unit.

Sounds a lot like the now-defunct Google Glass, but we’ll have to see the C200 in practice to fully comprehend its features. Mass production will supposedly begin in June 2017, and there’s no word on pricing at the moment.

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