Before a certain Sammy-branded phone launches in a few hours, competitors are doing whatever they can to keep their products relevant. Add LG to that list.

LG just released an official TV commercial advertising all the G6’s headlining features. Hands-on videos are already widespread — including ours — so everything you see here is more about marketing fluff than actual usage:

I can’t imagine anyone jumping off a plane while casually taking photos with his or her phone!

The G6 marks an end to LG’s constant experimentation with the G-series line. It was the G2 that introduced rear-mounted controls; the G4 made leather backs a thing; and the G5 jumped on the short-lived modular bandwagon. None of these features were retained on LG’s latest flagship.

And that’s a good thing. The South Korean company finally accepted the fact that the average consumer simply wants a phone that works — free of the need to buy accessories and learn new interface tricks right after buying the handset.

The commercial highlights the edge-to-edge display, water and dust resistance, easy one-handed use, and dual-lens main camera, all of which make the G6 a wonderful phone despite the pending threats it’s about to face.

Want a more personal, less gimmicky take on this LG? Watch our hands-on video right here:

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