The newest LG flagship boasts a bigger display that fits in your hand, but that wasn’t exactly why I got excited over the G6. 

At MWC 2017, LG claimed that its newest smartphone had better cameras — dual 13-megapixel wide-angled cameras that capture video in 4K — but really, these specifications never interested me. I’m sure most phones in the market have similar specs, and well, my priorities were set not on what my phone camera could do, but how great it could take my Instagram photos.

This is precisely what the new G6’s built-in camera features work towards. This smartphone integrates IG-friendly features into its square picture mode and the results get me giddy just imagining the Instagram possibilities.

Snap Shot

This feature allows you to automatically preview that photo you just took. No need to open your gallery to check how the photo turned out, as the bottom half of the screen serves as the automatic display.

The phone’s unique aspect ratio allows for two perfect photo squares and the most efficient selfie machine. Ever.

Grid Shot

Say goodbye to those collage applications, as the G6 also integrates an automatic grid view for your photos. Four consecutive photos result in an automatic collage ready for posting!

Of course, Instagram’s multiple photo function sort of trumps the whole point of photo collages, but they’re really fun to make, TBH, and I won’t ever stop.

Match Shot

This feature results in photo collages that are reminiscent of classic photo booth printouts. The screen divides into two equal squares (like in the snap shot function) and creates a lengthwise collage consisting of two photos.

You can even get creative with it!

Again, all the collage possibilities!

Guide Shot

The Guide Shot is probably the most unique and complicated photo feature here.

Basically, it allows you to take similar photos based on a previous shot you can use as a guide. The guide photo shows up as a transparent layer on the camera screen, which allows you to pose or position your new subject in a similar way, and then it’s time to click away. Perfect for themed IG posts or even the new multiple-post feature!

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