The LG Q8 was announced back in July, but while we’re thrilled to see an exact mini version of the former V20 flagship, we didn’t get any deets about its pricing until now.

South Korea, LG’s home turf, gets first dibs on the Q8 starting today for KRW 616,000 (US$ 545). There will be two color variants available: Titan and Pink. While LG positions the Q8 as an affordable option to their current G6 flagship, we see it as a great choice for V20 fans wanting a pocketable version.

The Q8’s main display measures at just 5.2 inches with a smaller secondary display above it. While the phone’s display got smaller compared to the V20’s, its resolution is still Quad HD; thus, making it very sharp to the naked eye. It also has a Snapdragon 820 processor, 4GB of memory, 32GB of expandable storage, dual-rear cameras, and Quad DAC.

Its design and specs might be identical to the V20, but it’s got something that the bigger cousin doesn’t have — water resistance. The size reduction also gives the Q8 a slightly smaller 3000mAh battery versus the V20’s 3200mAh.

If you want a Q8, your best bet, for now, is to get it in South Korea. Other markets will follow suit, but no exact dates were given.

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