LG’s counter to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is debuting soon. The Korean phone maker has already sent out invites for a press event to announce the V20 in San Francisco. The announcement is scheduled to take place on September 6 and will coincide with the last days of the IFA 2016 tech show in Berlin. The day after, the phone will launch in its native Seoul.

We don’t know much about the V10 successor or the event yet, but the captions on the event invite reads, “The second story begins, LG V20” and “Play more,” likely referring to the phone’s multimedia capabilities. It could also hint at the phone’s VR features, as LG is among the few manufacturers Google has partnered with for its next-gen VR platform.

LG v20 invite

The event invite

LG previously said the phone will have a 32-bit digital-to-analog converter chip, or DAC, in addition to two selfie cameras and an additional ticker-tape display for showing notifications and launching apps quickly.

But what we’re most excited to see is how the phone will work with Android 7.0 Nougat on tap. It would be nice to see a non-Nexus device run the latest Android version for a change.

LG’s most recent financial results reveal the company is mired in a slump, for reasons that largely have to do with the poor sales of the G5. It hopes the V20 will turn the tide in its favor.

LG V20 review