I’m not a big fan of earphones, especially when working out, but the Meizu EP52 sports earphones may have changed that.

This is the Meizu EP52

Meizu EP52 sports earphones

They are the Chinese brand’s newest Bluetooth wireless earphones. (Subscribe button and Flash Funko Pop not included.)

It comes in bright red…

Meizu EP52 sports earphones

… which is a detail I absolutely love. This makes these earphones easier to find in the sea of cables I have lying around at home. I also like that the ear pieces are connected to each other — this means there’s no chance of losing either of them.

There are also cool accessories!

Meizu EP52 sports earphones

It comes with three other pairs of earbuds with ear support, each in different sizes. There’s also a silicone case and a micro-USB cord for charging.

Testing out the earphones

Like I mentioned earlier, I’m pretty skeptical about earphones in general. Most of the time, normal earphones fall off when I’m doing anything aside from sitting still. In-ear headphones, on the other hand, just make me feel like there’s something jammed up my ear canal. But, not this pair.

These Meizu EP52 earphones fit my ears perfectly — after a quick switch to smaller earbuds provided for.

girl using Meizu EP52 sports earphones

They’re water-resistant, too! No need to worry about sweat ruining them as you bust your butt at the gym. The silicone neck piece that connects the two ear pieces helps keep them in place as your workout commences. This means no slipping on either side no matter what crazy running or jumping around you attempt.

Meizu EP52 sports earphones

It’s quick and easy to pair these with your phone: Press and hold the button on the right to pair with your device. Going out of range doesn’t automatically remove pairing, either; it gives you a few minutes leeway which is a great feature for those of you who, like me, move around a lot when working out.

Wearing the Meizu EP52 sports earphones

For US$ 50, these are pretty great earphones. They look good, feel good, and got me to go on the treadmill more. It’s a win-win!

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