Copying text and pasting it is one of the most basic functions any operating system offers. It’s too bad Android’s interface isn’t too good at it.

All long-time Android users are familiar with how clunky copying and transferring text can be. It’s mainly because third-party apps treat their on-screen text differently, and the Google-backed platform doesn’t have a unified solution for the entire system.

Our latest fix comes from an unlikely source: Microsoft. The tech giant somehow felt the need to launch an app on a competing operating system in order to improve its usability.

Clip Layer

Called Clip Layer, the app allows you to select, copy, and share lines of text while on any other app. It does so by planting itself inside your Home button; long-press it, and Clip Layer will provide all the selecting and sharing functions you need.

Since the app replaces the long-press function of your Home key, you’ll lose access to whatever you had assigned to it in the first place. This most likely means you won’t be able to instantly activate Google Search or Now on Tap while Clip Layer is turned on. If you own a Google Pixel, Assistant will be disabled on your circular button.

It’s a decent tradeoff if you’ve never used those Google products to begin with. Be warned, however, that Clip Layer isn’t a perfect solution yet. You’ll still have difficulty selecting exactly what you want, but this is way better than anything Android has ever offered before.

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Source: Microsoft