As hoops fans patiently await the arrival of NBA 2K17 on September 20 (or September 16 for those who preordered), developer 2K Sports has dropped major news about a new and exciting feature that will take basketball’s video game darling to unprecedented heights.

For the first time ever, NBA 2K17 will allow gamers to scan their own faces into the game using a smartphone app. Forget about creating a random with a generic face, this is as good as it gets until VR arrives, and players find themselves playing pick-up ball in a Lakers uniform against virtual LeBron James.

Also: Goodbye and good riddance to using a console camera or that depth-sensing Intel camera that’s only available on a minority of laptops. We always thought that the pursuit of the best version of our faces should start with a smartphone sporting a top-notch selfie camera, rather than a tethered console accessory that isn’t designed for narcissistic tendencies.

The free MyNBA2K17 companion app will be available on Android and iOS devices starting September 8, giving users ample time to play around with the feature before tip-off. But c




reating a person’s likeness isn’t the only thing the app is meant to accomplish; MyNBA2K17 also includes a mobile card game and a virtual closet that houses gear for console or PC avatars, and using it can earn players digital currency for NBA 2K17.

Face-scanning was introduced in NBA 2K15 but required a PlayStation camera or an Xbox One Kinect camera to use. A year in development didn’t do it any good, as the feature was panned by the NBA 2K16 community. Interestingly, EA’s NBA Live 16 featured a similar face-importing process, but it relied on smartphone cameras for creating cyberfaces.

NBA 2K17 will be released on the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC.

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Source: Forbes