Freedom from wires is like the holy grail of consumer tech.

In a perfect world, we wouldn’t need cables or plugs to connect devices, transfer files, get on the internet, or charge batteries.  

And we’re getting there, with fast mobile internet leading the charge. Wireless charging is slowly becoming a reality, too, although it has yet to enjoy the ubiquity of WiFi. Many phones like Samsung Galaxy S7 and Note 7 have wireless charging built-in. You just rest them on a charging plate, then charging happens magically.

iPhone users aren’t as lucky. But thanks to third-party accessory makers — you’ve got workarounds. One such brand is Shenzen-based Nillkin, which we first came across when we were looking for aftermarket cases for our OnePlus 3.

Nillkin has an accessory called Magic Tags, which basically gives any smartphone wireless-charging capabilities. The accessory literally looks like a mini-luggage tag — but with a flap you stick onto the back of your phone and a strap-like cable for connecting to your phone’s charging port.

The accessory will work with any wireless charger that supports the Qi standard. Nillkin makes Qi chargers, too — and we have three sets of fast wireless-charging plates and docks to giveaway to y’all

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GadgetMatch and Nillkin Fast Wireless Charger International Giveaway

Nillkin products are available in the Philippines through its official distributor.