Top 5 Best Features of the Galaxy Note 5 

By now there’s probably nearly a lifetime’s worth of videos out on the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Which one to watch? Well, in this one we break down the 5 things that you need to know about Galaxy Note 5. We shot this right after the Unpacked event to quickly run through some of what we think, are the best features of Samsung’s latest phablet.

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Phablet Wars Episode 1: Galaxy Note 5

There’s a certain cadence to tech reporting, a routine if you will, milestones and destinations that are plotted on a calendar like red letter days. Like holidays more than special events, affairs that you know will take place, come hell or high water.

And sure enough, as it has come to pass every year since the original large screen smartphone was invented back 2011, a new Samsung Galaxy Note is unveiled.

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