Counterpoint’s Market Pulse research revealed how Huawei finally overtook Apple in terms of smartphone sales. Just as interesting: The same report shows how close OPPO’s phone sales are to the mighty iPhone’s.

For the month of July 2017, the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus have 4 percent and 2.9 percent of the market share, respectively, giving them the top two spots globally.

While that was expected — since Apple focuses all its efforts on two yearly products — OPPO’s rise to the upper bracket is more notable.

Look at the numbers here:

With a market share of 2.1 percent for the R11 and 2 percent for the A57, OPPO has the two best-selling Android phones in the world for this time frame.

That’s an incredible feat, considering the two handsets aren’t even as widely available as the iPhones. Even more amazing is their dominance over supposedly more popular devices, like Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and the well-loved Redmi Note 4X of Xiaomi.

At the same time, we shouldn’t be too surprised; both the R11 and A57 received positive reviews from our editorial team and other media outlets.

But perhaps the biggest takeaway here is the absence of Huawei in the above chart’s top 10 despite being crowned as the second-best-selling smartphone brand in the world. The report claims that the Chinese company simply doesn’t have a hero product that sells big, and instead offers a variety of phones that attack different market segments.

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