It was back in June, at Asia’s largest tech show Computex, where we first met Kevin Wong and Emile Chan, co-founders of Origami Labs and creators of ORII, the smart ring that lets you make phone calls with your fingers.

Fresh off the heels of their successful Kickstarter campaign, it wasn’t difficult to share in their excitement over their one-of-a-kind communications device straight out of a sci-fi flick.    

ORII works via bone conduction, sending sound from the ring to your ears via your finger. While the secret spy nature of the device is both thrilling and a great conversation starter, we see more practical uses, like discretely being able to take quick calls on your daily commute, or being able to summon Siri or Google Assistant without having to take out your phone.

ORII Ring Co-Founders Emile Chan and Kevin Wong

Ready for launch. Origami Labs co-founders Emile Chan and Kevin Wong are about to start shipping their smart ring.

Five months later in Singapore, I sat down with the Hong Kong-based duo, in a special session organized by PHD Media, to promote their documentary Merge that deals with the narrowing gap between technology and folks that use it.

ORII Ring is one such wearable that aims to bring technology closer to us, and is now on the verge of becoming one of Hong Kong’s most successful Kickstarter campaigns having raised over US$ 376,000 on crowdfunding from over 2000 backers.

Smart Voice Assistant Ring is phone accessory of the future

The team tells GadgetMatch they are all set to meet their promised February 2018 release date. In the last few months, the team, leveraging new tech partnerships, has managed to reduce the size the ring by more than 50 percent since we last tried the ring on, bringing it to a more manageable and comfortable size.

ORII Ring matte black and metallic grey

Two of ORII’s most popular colors, matte black and metallic gray

The team has also worked out the challenge of ring sizing, instead of offering the ring in a few sizes, each ORII ring will ship with modular rings that come in 13 different sizes and can be easily snapped on for the perfect fit.

ORII retail packaging

GadgetMatch got an exclusive sneak peak at near-final ORII retail packaging

We also got a sneak peak of their final retail packaging, a premium black box containing the 2-in-1 charging dock and the ring itself.

You can still pre-order ORII via their Kickstarter page. Orders placed now should reach backers by no later than April 2018.

Next year users will also be able to try ORII on for size at brick and mortar locations at select telco partners in Hong Kong, Japan, and Thailand.