Holiday Scavenger Hunt: Win a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge


It’s Week 5 of our annual Holiday Scavenger Hunt – two and a half months of giveaways and searching for clues tucked away in GadgetMatch articles, videos, and Instagram posts. 

This week we’re giving away our biggest prize yet. The stakes have been raised, the contest period extended, and more questions added to your weekly Mission Brief. 

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Pokemon Generation 2 is out

Pokemon players rejoice!

The world of Pokemon is getting better and bigger.

Pokemon Gen 2 has just rolled out in the Philippines! According to Niantic, this means new and undiscovered Pokemon, new evolutions, and even new avatars plus an expanded wardrobe.

To catch them is the real test

Here at GadgetMatch, we take catching them all very seriously. So, you can imagine our reactions when this announcement was made. This morning, our collective excitement was met with these glorious blacked out silhouettes:

Oh the new Pokemon possibilities!

So many new Pokemon, so little time!

A quick walk confirmed that there were definitely new Pokemon for the taking. Among those we’ve discovered were Sentret, Chikorita, and Aipom.

Let’s get to work!

We’ve also spotted a Snubbul and a Totodile (but we were too busy throwing Pokeballs, we forgot to screenshot).

Now, excuse me as I try to make a PokeMaster out of myself.

And the best smartphone camera is…

Mirror, mirror on the wall, which smartphone takes the best photos of them all?

If you’re looking for the best camera smartphone money can buy, look no further. We’ve rounded up the best, currently available smartphones in the world today, took them on a road trip, took plenty of the same photos, and evaluated the results.

Here’s what we found…

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Play Google’s Pangolin Love now!

Google’s got a doodle game that will tickle your heartstrings right before Valentine’s Day. And I say tickle because single or otherwise, this game will hitch those smiles right up your ears. It’s been released daily by the level since February 11, meaning if you’re only aware of this now, you’re just in time for the last stage, and the much-anticipated ending to this love story.

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Graphic Designer

We’re looking for graphic designers and/or illustrators to join our creative team.

We believe a graphic artist is also a storyteller – and we’re looking for creative individuals who are able to tell stories visually.

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