OPPO recently released a fiery red version of the F3 and it certainly has heads turning. I got my hands on a unit and decided to see what the hot fuss is all about. Aside from the cool color, what does this phone have to offer?

The phone has a unique red packaging

Red OPPO F3 in box

A welcome addition to what’s already in the market: gold and rose gold.

The box packs the standard accessories…

What's inside the red OPPO F3 box

… except this time with a differently colored phone.

The F3 comes in dark, matte red

OPPO F3 red showing the matte back

But, there’s another rose-colored surprise…

Special red icons are pre-installed

Holding Red OPPO F3

This way, everything matches!

It always makes a bold fashion statement

Red haired girl using red OPPO F3

Especially if it matches your hair 💁🏽 But for those of you sans red hair…

The new color is also perfect for flatlays

Red OPPO F3 flatlay

For all your Instagram needs.

It’s basically the same phone in a pretty red package

Red haired girl having with the Red OPPO F3

If you already have your F3, don’t fret! Aside from the new color addition, the insides remain the same. All specs are exactly like the previously released OPPO F3. Pricing is also kept at PhP 15,990.

If you’re just about to get your F3, you’re in luck, as you now have more color options to choose from.

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OPPO F3 Unboxing: Limited Red Edition