The special edition Rose Pink Samsung Galaxy S8 that was announced last month broke all of our hearts because of its limited availability — it was to be sold only in Taiwan for a limited time.

As we reel from the sadness of not being able to get our own hands on the pink perfection of a phone, something amazing happened: Samsung has decided to bring the Pink S8 and S8+ to the Philippines!

Just think of the everyday PH sights this colored phone will go perfectly with:

The pink Samsung Galaxy s8+ matches Pinoy dessert skrambol

Pretty and pink with Pinoy dessert skrambol

Pink Samsung Galaxy s8+ matches the gumamela

The Pink S8 and a gumamela

Of course, aside from the pretty new color, this smartphone will have the same specifications and features as its non-pink counterparts.

Pink haired girl with pink Samsung Galaxy S8+

My hair will match the pink S8 so I fixed this photo to reflect that

The Rose Pink Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ will be priced the same at PhP 39,990 and PhP 45,990 respectively. They will be available at Samsung retail stores starting tomorrow, July 29.

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