There are just some things that go together, and Samsung recognizes this. The Galaxy Note 8 is testament to this truth with its new app-pairing function. App pairing, you say? Let me break it down for you.

Think of two apps that you always use together

Youtube and Facebook, Tinder and WhatsApp, or Waze and Spotify — which we will be using as an example here.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 side by side

Pictured above is my driving apps starter pack. Unlike what you see there, you need only one Galaxy Note 8 to launch and use both apps at the same time (because one can only dream of owning two Note 8’s dedicated to launching separate apps).

Here’s how you do it:

Launch Apps Edge  

Yep, this is launched through this Samsung feature. A swipe from the phone’s edge will show your app shortcuts. Tap the “+” to add a shortcut icon.

Create app pair

You need to do this extra step, and you’re almost there! Navigate to the upper-right corner of the screen and tap.

Pick away 

Think of two apps that you’d need running together at any certain time. You can choose any two apps so long as they’re split screen-compatible.

And, voila!

The possibilities are endless! Now, every time you launch Apps Edge, the pair icon will show — together forever!

That’s what makes a perfect (app) pair

A quick tap on the pair icon will launch both apps at the same time on split screen. Talk about convenient! What two apps would you pair?

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Hands-on: By an iPhone user