Following the footsteps of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is its bigger cousin — the Galaxy Note 8. How durable is this huge and expensive smartphone?

We have our own Galaxy Note 8 unit, but we can’t just do a stress test and intentionally break the phone since we’re still reviewing it. Good thing others are willing to sacrifice theirs to show us how much beating the phone can take.

Will it bend?

The JerryRigEverything YouTube channel has done a number of durability test among popular smartphones, including the fiery Galaxy Note 7 from last year. Here is a traditional scratch, burn, and bend test we’ve come to enjoy watching:

The Galaxy Note 8 is made out of premium materials like glass and aluminum. Both the display and the back are protected by Gorilla Glass 5, which is currently the top scratch-resistant glass for mobile devices from Corning. It can withstand everyday scratches that are below the equivalent of a level 7 pick or anything that’s not harder than materials such as coins and keys.

The whole block of the phone is purely made of aluminum, as proven by the painful scratches shown in the video. Even the clickable top button of the S Pen is of the same material, thus it blends well with the frame.

But the question remains: Does it bend? No. Like the Galaxy S8, the Galaxy Note 8 can withstand applied force. You won’t have to worry about it getting bent while inside your pocket or when you accidentally sit on it.

It doesn’t even break!

Another YouTube channel pushed the Galaxy Note 8 to its physical limits with… a drop test! The XEETECHCARE channel is willing to drop its phone on a hard surface, and they did.

Dropping the phone in different angles (front, back, and side) doesn’t do anything major to the phone aside from small cosmetic scratches. However, a small portion of the front glass did shatter since it was the point of impact. Other than that, the Galaxy Note 8 proves to be a well-built phone, at least as seen from these videos.

Everyday usage differs from person to person, though. As for ours, we’re taking good care of it; and hopefully, these videos do not lie. Just in case our Galaxy Note 8 gets into an accident, we already know what to expect.

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How durable is the Samsung Galaxy S8?