Are tablets still a thing? Outside of the occasional iPad launch, Samsung is the only other serious choice especially if you want something with Android’s operating system in it. The good thing is the Galaxy Tab S3 is a seriously good tablet, and it’s hitting more countries.

First shown off at MWC last February, the Galaxy Tab S3 was notable for having Samsung’s famous S Pen included in the package. Combined with the 9.7-inch HDR display and Snapdragon 820 processor (which was flagship-level last year), it’s clearly geared for both productivity and entertainment.

Quad speakers, a fingerprint scanner, and LTE connectivity using a SIM card are the other specs worth noting. But really, the Galaxy Tab S3 doesn’t have to try that hard considering how sparse the competition is.

More importantly, we have a price for the Philippines. Paying PhP 37,990 rewards you with the unit and S Pen included. We suggest purchasing the Pogo Keyboard Cover as well to truly maximize the Galaxy Tab S3. It’s sold separately, though.

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The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 and S Pen are a match made in heaven