Anniversaries & Milestones

GadgetMatch celebrates its second anniversary this month.

While we started off as a YouTube Channel in September of 2014, it wasn’t till a year later in August of 2015 that we began our journey as a tech media company. Much has happened since but our mission remains the same — to match users with the right gadgets to fit their needs.

The year thus far has been amazing for us:

  • On March 30, we breached 100K subscribers on YouTube.
  • This July, we also hit 300K likes on Facebook, making us one of the largest tech news sites on Facebook in Southeast Asia.
  • Our team has also grown considerably from three full time members to ten. New additions include Isa Rodriguez (Lifestyle Editor), Leez Escalona (Project Manager), Alven Villavicencio (Accounts Manager), Daniel Morial (Content Creator), and Kevin Bruce Francisco (Multimedia Producer).   

As we continue to strive towards more milestones, we want to thank you all for taking this journey with us. Whether you were here from the start or are a new addition, we are grateful to have you on board.

As a way to give back, we have resumed weekly gadget giveaways via our Scavenger Hunt. We’re also working on merchandise and other awesome ways to bring the whole community together, details of which we will be announcing very soon.